Opinion: New Openness

POSTED: 08/6/13 1:39 PM

The openness the returned President of Parliament announced yesterday is obviously more than welcome. The gray film on the glass partition of the meeting hall that obscured parliamentarians from view has been removed, and there are press briefings that give the impression that everything is once more the way it ought to be.

But is it really?

We asked yesterday about the draft amendment to the ordinance that regulates the oversight committee for the beleaguered National Security Service VDSM and we were assured that this document was available on the parliament’s website.

When we started looking for it yesterday afternoon, the document was nowhere to be found – though we acknowledge that there is a remote possibility that we did not search for it in the right place. It was not under draft documents, for sure.

But our hunt for information did reveal an unexpected treasure: the annual report 2011-2012. We ransacked our brain to figure out whether this was old news or that we had somehow missed the presentation of this report and we came up with zero answers. The document itself was not helpful either, because it does not contain a date.

However, the electronic version hid a clue in plain sight for those who know where to look. The document properties of the report show that it was produced on July 30, 2013 – that is last week Tuesday.

Samuel’s successor Drs. Gracita Arrindell held a press briefing yesterday morning to bring the media up to scratch with parliamentary activities. We heard about the opening of the new parliamentary year, we heard about Central Committee meetings that will finally deal with pending civil legislation, and we heard about a visit by the Collectivité d’Outre Mer de Saint Martin. But not a word about the annual report.

We just wonder: was that a most unfortunate oversight, or was this New Openness at work?


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