Opinion: Neo-Nazis

POSTED: 11/23/11 6:44 AM

Nobody will notice when parents name their newborn Robert, because that could as easily be an expression of affection for, say, Redford or Wagner as for Mugabe. And who cares anyway?
But in New Jersey a couple went too far when it names its little boy Adolf Hitler jr. and his sister JoyceLynn Arian Nation. The children were taken away and put under the authority of a child protection agency.
The government machinery took its time, because already three years ago the children’s parents, Heath and Deborah Campbell made the news when a local baker refused to deliver a birthday cake decorated with the words “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler.”
The case is interesting because there is a freedom of speech issue involved. A court will rule in the coming months about the children’s future.
We agree that the Campbells are unfit to be parents. At the same time, we note that there are no laws against (extremely) bad taste. Who wants a couple of neo-Nazis as parents?

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