Opinion: Move past the individual

POSTED: 11/24/11 8:37 AM

While politicians fight over position, the people are left without leadership. That statement about sums up what is happening right now when one looks at the discussion around events at the Simpson Bay Resort and Marina and The Villas at Simpson Bay Resort and Marina, because the discussion has moved away from the issue and onto a person.

Let us stress that firing 100 people in depressed economy is reprehensible and what Jules James did, either under duress of his employer or of his own volition, is inexcusable for one who has taken a vow to uphold the law and to seek the best interest of the people in his role as an MP.

We place more emphasis though on the fact that the law on the sale/transfer of companies is left to the interpretation of business people when it comes to what happens to the employees. The situation with the workers at the Pelican Resort proves that not everybody who invests here will consider the workers and the choice has to be made on whether the country’s representatives will take a stand for their people and create a legislative environment that allows business to prosper and people to maintain fair employment.

But rather than addressing the issue the country’s leaders have allowed this matter to devolve into a fight about one person and his choice to serve two masters, instead of elevating the discussion to the core issues and busying themselves with repairing what is wrong. Yes the proposal to forbid MPs from having double functions is worth reviewing, but what happened at the former Pelican Resort is about more than Jules James.

From the prime minister’s view point the discussion has been had, the legal advice obtained and that’s the end of it. We plead now with parliament – the people’s representatives –the cabinet and Members of Parliament to elevate their debate past the actions of an individual and put it on how laws can be made to protect the country’s workforce. Today it is the workers at the former Pelican Resort, but tomorrow it could be another company that makes the choice to lay off another massive amount of people.

Prevention is better than cure and being proactive is far better than dealing with a crisis.

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