Opinion: Missed opportunity

POSTED: 05/31/12 12:33 PM

Not all is well between Mystic One and G-Money. These are household names for listeners to Laser 101 and PJD2 radio. They also became household names in criminal court where G-Money stood trial yesterday for decking Mystic One in the VIP area of the Festival Village on April 27.

Violence is the common means to settle disputes in St. Maarten. That’s a shame because in the end, violence does not solve a lot. If anything, violence begets violence, the way heat begets heat.

That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to bring the two DJ’s together after yesterday’s court case and to let them shake hands on camera. Case closed, let’s move on, and set a good example for the island’s underprivileged youth.

No dice: Mystic One, the first one we approached with the idea, dismissed it out of hand and he left the courthouse in a hurry. After that, there was no point asking G-Money the same question.

That, dear friends, is a clear example of a missed opportunity.

And the underlying dispute is rather nasty in character. The court did not deal with the finer points of it, but G-Money told the court that he had reached a point where rumors spread by Mystic One that he is gay became intolerable.

The question Mystic One ought to answer is this one: does it really matter if somebody is straight, gay, bi-sexual, a-sexual or anything in between? If this matters so much to him, maybe he could explain why this is so. After all, attacking somebody on his sexual preference, says more about the attacker than about his target.

And no, we’re not suggesting here that G-Money is gay: it is not the issue and we don’t care. What matters is that somebody with a certain stature within the community like DJ Mystic One thinks it is normal to spread rumors about other people’s sexual preferences.

We’re not promoting violence as a means to settle disputes, but we feel that Mystic One got what was coming to him when G-Money decked him.

We offered the rumor monger a nice opportunity to bury the past and he turned it down. That’s of course his good right, and we were not going to jump on the violence bandwagon by putting a gun to his head, but we repeat what we said before: this is a missed opportunity.

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