Opinion: Mindful moments on mirroring

POSTED: 08/29/14 2:32 AM

Mindfulness is paying attention nonjudgmentally. Mindfulness promotes morality, kindness, and the ability to stay with your body, so hence make better decisions for your person and others around you. Our minds are constantly on a journey weaving between past and future occasionally blurring the lines that in our present moment we are actually reliving our past. A mindfulness practice would keep you in your body to experience what is needed here and now.

Mirroring is a biological process that happens in the brain. Italian neuroscientist G. Rizzolatti from the U of Parma discovered that mirror neurons light up when we see others about to take ‘intentional action’. If we see someone about to bite into a slice of pizza, our mirror neurons light up. The unusual aspect of these neurons is that they only light up if we notice a specific intentional action, so random acts are not so impressionable. Our mirror neurons seem to tell us a lot about the science of how we are connected. Christian Keysers, a leading mirror neuron researcher in Holland, says that when we witness someone else taking an action, it activates the same circuits in our motor cortex. So someone picks up a glass, our brain does the same.

Recently I have noticed our society slowly moving towards a feeling of “all man for himself” philosophy or as Brene Brown puts it in her book “Daring Greatly” a “scarcity culture”. There is more individualistic attitude secreting from people than slime on a salted slug. The emotional leaders that have little awareness of themselves, whether in the classroom, the home, small or big offices, communities and in government seem to infiltrate our sleepy and impressionable society. As we sit across from each other in the classrooms, dining rooms or boardrooms and the message of – I’m more important, I’m stronger, I’m richer, I’m more powerful, more popular and on and on, there seems to be little that advocate for the decency of ordinary people (an action we should see more of). The glamorous icons around us that promote morality, integrity, thoughtfulness, being fair, equanimity (even temperedness) fidelity (no horning or cheating on your partner), struggling to keep their families together, staying healthy and a sense of equality in relationships, like the panda and the turtles are an endangered species they are also labeled boring. To our detriment, we embrace being bullied by having egomaniacal ideas run things; No, tourism doesn’t run this island, though we look forward to building a reputation of being the most loved haven to visit, No, the harbor does not belong to an individual, though the rules (in the name of security) that keep the people out may make some individuals think so. No, we cannot predict that most of our young men are going to end up in conflict with the law or not pay their child support and build a Jurassic Park, though, to build family parks with skateboard or bike ramps, extreme rock climbing etc. can encourage families to build better relationships. Yes, our macho culture has gained momentum as the women are burdened down with the responsibility of childcare and homecare alike under the reign of macho man (and the silent consent by not addressing it). Yes, GEBE prices are too high and GEBE needs to understand that it is there to serve the people not turn profit and sit on it like a dragon on its hoard (Yes, GEBE does a lot of community sponsoring). Hospitals are not going to run themselves, you actually need mindful, effective and caring people to get the work done, though you could hire tourist, I guess. Government needs to be mindful that they are blessed to be in office to serve the people, that they have an opportunity to create and delegate their visions on behalf of the people. That we choose them because we trust that they are the best representatives to shoulder for the country’s needs. It is disempowering to the people to pretend the opposite is true. Parents should recognize that it’s not all about what they want for their children, but recognize the needs of their children and mirror how to get those needs met. We are connected and interdependent. If the paradigm shift occurs we can all go to work with the objective of getting the job done with mindfulness and sincerity about what we produce but most importantly about who we are when we produce. The emotional leaders that project the “IT factor” on their unsuspecting audience, (like that 4 second adult entertainment not so subtle flick on our prestigious road that my 8 year old daughter has asked me about – really??) (Who okayed that?), they’re drive to be popular, cool and everything you dreamed you could be and are not, are manipulating the reality of life. We all have strengths and talents and want to be appreciated for what we bring to the table, but we have the responsibility to know that many of our actions have been subconsciously bombarded into our psyche by somebody else and to cipher out what is real and what is manipulation. Whoever ends up sitting in office, I want the people to be aware that they have the power to influence the politicians and mirror on to them what we the people need. Let’s put those systems in place that keep us honest and accountable, let’s have the conversation about our bad habits. Can we do a go slow on the beautifying of the outside and work on our intrinsic wealth. No, I did not digress these are great qualities to mirror on our youth. Maybe our government will change when we mirror ‘intentional action’ integrity to them. You always have three choices; fully embrace what is here now, get away from the situation you are in, change the situation you are in.

Vote wisely!

A country is only as healthy as the mental well-being of its people

Debbie Zwanikken



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