Opinion: Men with long hair (1)

POSTED: 10/25/12 12:18 PM

How people express themselves is their personal freedom, as long as it does not harm others, and indeed personal liberties are fundamental human rights. I am of the ‘baby-boomer generation’ and many of us had long hair when we were young men, it was a personal expression of pride and confidence.
Having long hair does not mean a man is a dangerous subversive, does drugs, or is gay, it is just an aesthetic choice. When people ask me, “why in the world, at almost 60 years old, do you want to grow your hair long?”
Other than the fact that I am happy to have any hair left to grow at all, I give this simple answer:
“God created nature that makes my hair grow, man created culture that tells me to cut it off.
So I allow man’s culture to shave my face, but I am confidently making sure that God’s nature belongs with my head!”

Dr. Jay B. Haviser

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