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POSTED: 05/2/12 11:46 AM

The grocery store owner who fought of three street punks who intended to rob him has set an example for all his colleagues, but it is one that needs to be handled with care.

From what we learned through a police report the would-be robbers were unarmed, but even so, in a three against one situation a fight usually does not end well for the one who is in the minority. In this case however, the assailants had had enough after the store owner put up some decisive resistance, and they probably won’t go back for a second attempt any time soon.

Still, people who threaten to become the victim of a robbery ought to be careful with their reactions. We’re not suggesting that everybody should let robbers have their way, but we do think that certainly when there are firearms involved it is still better to give in then to put up a fight.

Most robbers in St. Maarten are young street punks; they basically have no clue about what they are actually doing. This makes them extremely dangerous. These youngsters are unable to oversee the consequences of their actions. They are almost certainly nervous when they go out for a robbery, and more often than not they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or a combination of both. They will pull the trigger in a heartbeat if they have a weapon and cry later in court that they want to get on with their lives while their victims are in some cases already past those concerns.

The best way to combat robbery-threats is of course investing in security measures that are geared towards making a store unattractive for robbers, towards optimizing the odds that robbers get caught, and towards minimizing financial damages.

What comes to mind here are safes with a time lock, a system to skim the cash register a couple of times per day to keep the amount of cash at hand as low as possible, and the installation of video cameras.


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