Opinion: Lydia and Marieke

POSTED: 10/14/11 12:04 PM

Not every day a St. Maartener launches a book. So when I read that Lydia Henderson was going to sign her biography in The Alley I decided to go there and buy her book. That is what I want everybody to do at the end of next year when I will sign my own book in Bada Bing.
What is Lydia’s book about? Well, it is about a beautiful, sexy, religious woman, addicted to coffee and sex (or should I say love?) She drinks 9 cups of coffee a day and tries to have 9 orgasms a day. This brings her into a world of sex parties, orgies, prostitution and kinky sex. But, what makes the book interesting, ultimately Lydia is looking for love! Not finding love she becomes addicted to food: she becomes overweight: 300 pounds! Good by love, good by sex. Lydia desperately wants to die. Her escape? She asks God forgiveness for her (lesbian) sins and becomes the Jehovah witness she was in her youth.
As a teacher of literature one of my favorite books to talk about with my students was “Marieke van Nijmegen” written in the sixteenth century. It is about a desperate girl on her way home to her parents who do not like her. She meets the devil: a well dressed man with one eye. He promises her an exciting life. She lives with the devil for 7 years, doing everything God has forbidden. She escapes, asks God to forgive her and becomes a nun. Marieke and Lydia: history repeats itself.

Unpaid advice 1: I can recommend everybody to read this book. It is a devastating story about a woman searching for love.

Unpaid advice 2: An advice to Lydia. Not the devil is her enemy, God is her enemy. America is a conservative, Christian country, but the “Association of American psychiatrists” has come to the conclusion that homosexuality is not a disease. So there is no reason to cure. So Lydia, do away with that Jehovah Witness nonsense and find yourself a woman who really loves you.

In closing, Lydia, if you like my article, why do not you invite me for a cup of coffee and……………….

Gerard Bijnsdorp

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