Opinion: Love of country must be proven

POSTED: 02/29/12 2:01 PM

Dear Editor,

The responses to the many articles I wrote recently were tremendous. Most were good, but a few were not so good.

I was surprised by who gave me negative response. You would think that the foreigners and illegal immigrants might be mad about my articles. In reality most of these people agree with me. The people who are mad are some politicians and some people of St. Maarten heritage who do not know where they belong. I had no choice but to laugh.

We always use the word people of St. Maarten heritage. Apparently the so called educated people of St. Maarten heritage do not even understand the word and what it means, even though I have explained it over and over again. My articles let me see who really loves St. Maarten/St. Martin versus who pretend to love St. Maarten/St. Martin.

Thanks to my opposition in the commentary in the Today newspaper. Your opposition makes and proves my point even more. The question is where are all those politicians and pretenders opposing news commentary that love St. Maarten/St. Martin when we the native St. Maarten/St. Martin people of heritage were being marginalized in our country. They were here and never cared. But drs Leopold James and the St. Martin Nation Building Foundation(SNBF), Eldridge van Putten and Miguel Arrindell shine the light so people are waken up rapidly now and the opposing  people are getting scared. The difference between drs Leopold James and SNBF, Eldridge van Putten , Miguel Arrindell is that we will take the insults, the hard knocks and the stress of defending the native St. Maarten/St. Martin people of heritage happily, while most others disown them, did not care to defend them or used and abused them.

To all those who oppose us, continue. You are giving our campaign added value and you make our point more powerful. Every common person, foreigner and local, is asking the big question: why are these people opposing you all whenever you defend your native people and that is the question the opposing hypocrites will have to answer?

Love of country must be proven with action, pain and sweat, exactly the things all other apposing pretenders that love St. Maarten/St. Martin refuse and hate to do. So my opposing brother in the commentary of the Today Newspaper and all the few opposing people that hates our powerful message, continue opposing it and help us get our message out.

God bless you.

Miguel Arrindell 

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