Opinion: Loud and dangerous

POSTED: 04/9/14 12:47 AM

As timeshare owners and annual visitors since 1984, we have enjoyed many days at Mullet Beach, both when the resort was in existence and after Luis. The nature of the beach would radically change with the addition of Jet Ski operations on the site.

The peaceful natural sound of the surf would be polluted by the high pitched of Jet Ski engines. In addition, the safety aspect of such operations should be examined. The condition of the surf normally present at Mullet Bay Beach could prove to be hazardous to both Jet Ski rider and swimmers. We live on a small lake in the state of Illinois in the US and Jet Ski use is both loud and dangerous. There are little restrictions on Jet Ski operations in the state of Illinois except for age limits (18 years of age for operation unless proof of completion of approved safety course for those between 14 and 18 years old).

No restrictions on adults except use of personal floatation devices by operator and passengers. Upon observation of many years, most operators do not realize the power of these machines and control around other watercraft and swimmers is also an issue. We therefore petition the government of our “second home” to review this action regarding the granting of Jet Ski concessions at Mullet Bay Beach.

James & Cynthia Rogers.

Pelican Resort/Simpson Bay Resort timeshare owners


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