Opinion: Lo and behold

POSTED: 10/26/12 12:53 PM

Yep, what else is there to say? In August our Minister of Public Housing, Urban Planning, Environment and Infrastructure gave a press conference where he announced the development of zoning plans. It was in a way a historical event that seemed to indicate the arrival of a new era. For the first time a minister said that the island is under threat from overdevelopment and that it is time to put plans in place to protect what is still left.
There were town hall meetings, and there was also praise for this move forward. Then one day, the whole circus came to a full stop for fully unexplained reasons. It became so quiet around the zoning plan project that some people started getting ugly thoughts.
Are there powers at work here bent on thwarting a good initiative? The first sign came within a week after that famous August press briefing where an advisor to the minister said that the zoning plans would be ready by June of next year. But the first press release that appeared after that press briefing quietly mentioned that is would take 24 months to complete the plans. In our book, that’s not one year, but two.
Then the town hall meeting stopped. But yesterday, lo and behold, two months after the August presentation, there was a presentation about the zoning plans in the Council of Ministers. We received a photo release from the department of communication, but no indication about what the Council of Ministers had to say about the subject.
So in that sense, nothing happened, because if our ministers or their underlings follow the local newspapers – and we know they do – there cannot have been anything new in the presentation they underwent yesterday. On the other hand: if there is something new, maybe it is time to tell the citizens of our wonderful country about it.

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