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POSTED: 03/5/14 10:30 AM

Life is a journey. We all know how it begins and how it ends. What happens in between is what you make of it. Yesterday morning I received a phone call from a lady at the RBC bank who had read the opinion under the headline Senior Line. It was, ehhh, a rather critical piece about the attitude of a bank teller. The lady wanted to know at which branch the incident had happened. I provided the information and then learned that the lady was going to “address the issue.”

Well, I appreciate that of course. It is a speedy reply to an outcry about something that should have never happened.

I consider life as a learning experience and I sincerely wish that the RBC bank recognizes this as well. I learn as a stumble along through the corridors of life. The thought that I could possibly be perfect has left me a long time ago, but every time I slip up – in business or at home – I make at least an attempt to learn from it. My wife says I am a slow learner and I guess I have to live with that reality.

The bank teller will probably get an earful from her superiors – and rightly so. I am obviously not in a position to tell a bank – or anyone for that matter – how to handle a situation like this. But I figure that, with the concept of a learning experience in mind, the bank teller still has a future ahead of her at the RBC. It all depends on how one deals with criticism and with the preparedness to learn from mistakes and bloopers.

I look on the bright side: because of the bank teller’s bad hair day, I got to stand in line for almost an hour at the Western Union office in Cole Bay, and I also paid a visit to the RBC branch in Simpson Bay. When I thought I could complete banking tasks and getting money to my granddaughter Lieke at the same address, I was disappointed again. Western Union does not function at RBC in Simpson Bay anymore since last Friday.

Western Union at the DHL-office worked just fine: the moment I had shoved my dollars across the counter, they became available to Lieke in the Netherlands. I also had the opportunity to work on my patience-skills, because the line at this office seemed frozen in time like forever.

All in all, from the I-go-lunch-now bank teller to the Western Union office, it was a learning experience I am not likely to forget soon. There were ups and downs but in the end I can honestly say, to steal a line from the Secretary-General of the General Audit Chamber, mission accomplished.

Now I am of course looking forward to the improved attitude of the bank teller.

Hilbert Haar

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