Opinion: Leading by example (2)

POSTED: 02/1/12 12:46 PM

Some people have a weird way of doing things. Like, for instance, reading something in our paper and then sending a letter to the editor of another paper. Not that we care, we just find this weird.
The letter was about leading by example, and the weird letter writer stated that he felt no need for Minister De Weever to do this by volunteering for a cleanup action at Snoopy Island.
The poor writer missed the point. The Minister was certainly not doing this to get some good press. He did this as a true volunteer and it is in this way that the good minister is leading by example.
Anyone who sees reason to criticize this, needs to have his head examined – at least, that’s our opinion. And since we’re not used to mincing our words, we put this as bluntly as possible.
Involvement is a big issue, and here we have a minister who is not treating his job like a 5,000 www.mindanews.com/buy-inderal/ Christmas-present but as a platform to show others the way.
There are, of course, many citizens who are involved with one cause or the other and it is not our purpose to put the minister ahead of these good people. If all those nameless volunteers decided to call it quits tomorrow, our community would be in deep doo doo.
To the true volunteer it must be encouraging that there is at least one member of the cabinet who does not consider it below his station to spend a Saturday on a good environmental cause.
But to the true nit-picker (there is an awfully interesting word in Dutch for this, but we’ll remain polite and spare our readers the translation) a minister will always be wrong, no matter what he (or she) does.
All we will say about this is that we wish more cabinet-members displayed the same community spirit.

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