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POSTED: 05/25/12 2:07 PM

We have to hand it to MP Laveist: he is not giving up. The embattled politician, the subject of a bribery investigation going back four years to 2008, is still in and out of court – and he is not done yet.
In 2008 Laveist was humiliated by his arrested and subsequent trial, of which the details have been meted out more than adequately, also in this newspaper. Laveist had always maintained his innocence, in spite of convictions in the Court in First Instance and on appeal in the Common Court of Justice. His trek to the supreme court in The Hague had a debatable effect, because the court sent the case back to the Appeals Court based on a technicality.
That technicality now has exposed Laveist to a complete new trial. Yesterday, judges in the Common Court of Justice made clear that they will do it all over again when the case comes to trial in October. This means that the court will come with an entirely new judgment, also about charges of which the appeals court already acquitted the politician in its ruling that has been voided by the Supreme Court.
There is a risk involved in that new court procedure, but apart from that, we started wondering yesterday why Laveist did not drop the whole thing after the Appeals Court ruling. After all, this ruling kept him out of prison. And now he finds his name in the newspapers again.
We asked Laveist yesterday whether he regretted his trek to the Supreme Court, considering all of its negative side-effects.
We learned that Laveist does not regret anything because to this day he feels that he has been done an injustice because he feels that he is innocent. Time will tell how this adventure is going to turn out in the fall.

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