Opinion: Kudos for the Rolling Stones

POSTED: 11/27/12 1:59 PM

It’s kinda weird to live in a society where many young readers may have never heard of the Rolling Stones. Arguably the best ever rock band on earth, the Stones are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary. They will do a couple of concerts to light up their anniversary. The first one took place in London on Sunday.

It’s easy to imagine how rockers who are in or near their seventies become pathetic. Do they need the money? Are they missing the attention? Are they, you know, like Mike Tyson desperate to make one last comeback before their inevitable one way trip to their coffins?

Not really. Anybody who has seen Mick Jagger dance across the stage in London, anybody who has heard the band’s performance, they will all have to admit that the Stones are still right there.

Music magazine Rolling Stone had only one critical remark about the two-hour show: why did the band not play its hit Satisfaction?

NRC Handelsblad humored its readers by posting a video where the Stones do exactly that – and where Mick Jagger looks like a well-groomed teenager. (Okay his hair was long, but that is a detail).

The Daily Telegraph wrote that the band was the best on earth during the show, which makes you wonder how old the reporter is who wrote that line.

But fair is fair: there are many companies that never live to see their fiftieth anniversary and many a rock star succumbs to drugs, alcohol or just living in the fast lane before ever making fifty.

In this sense, the Rolling Stones are an amazing band. Satisfaction is still as enthralling today as it was when the band released this Mick Jagger/Keith Richards the song in 1965 – that’s a stunning 47 years ago.

The Stones therefore do not just get kudos for endurance, they also get kudos for lasting quality. The only remaining question is: will they ever stop?


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