Opinion: Intimidation

POSTED: 03/5/14 10:24 AM

Marvelyne Wiels showed last week that there is nothing wrong with her medium-term memory when she confronted journalist Dick Drayer during an event at a school in Willemstad. Drayer revealed last year how Wiels manipulated her curriculum. To this day, Curacao’s Minister Plenipotentiary has not presented any proof that Drayer’s story was incorrect.

But apparently the hatred against Drayer runs deep, otherwise Wiels would have ignored the journalist. Instead, she opted to send her goons after him for a round of intimidation. She might as well have confessed that she indeed forged her curriculum to claim her coveted job in The Hague.

Drayer played it pretty cool, but of course he did file a complaint against the bodyguards. Whether that will ever come to anything is highly questionable. The most important thing at this moment is that Drayer made the incident public.

Wiels will have a hard time denying that the incident happened because there were plenty of witnesses. The sympathy that was hers after the assassination of her brother Helmin in May of last year is evaporating fast this way. Politics in Curacao is back to where it used to be – and that is not in line with the vision Helmin Wiels had for his country.

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  1. Angry Man says:

    I am from Curacao.

    I have to say that we currently HATE our current government.

    While the people are starving, they keep sipping on their champagne.

    Bastards! Our current politicians are a disgrace to this country!

  2. M says:

    Living in Korsow and totally disappointed by this government.
    From Asjes, to a no good minister of Justice, to a bunch of shady subjects like Schotte and his club in de Staten, till Marveline Wiels a total no gooder and potentate.
    Shameful that our country has to be led by these subjects while the majority ‘enjoy’ Voedselbank’.