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POSTED: 10/24/12 5:55 PM

It is interesting that Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels wants to live up to the screening law the parliament passed before the elections. MFK-leader Gerrit Schotte wants nothing to do with this piece of legislation, saying that it was approved by an illegal government.
It is however more likely that Schotte, or members of his party, have something to fear from this legislation.
The fact that Wiels considers the law legal (because it has been signed by the Governor) could be considered as a firm feather in his cap. One may say a lot of things about Wiels, but not – so far – that he is into politics to fill his own pockets.
One could also agree or disagree with the at times (actually, most of the time) aggressive language Wiels uses to get his points across. But his election victory comes with responsibilities and this seemed to have dawned on the former social worker.
Certainly his stance on the screening law is a ray of light in the political darkness that has engulfed Curacao for too long. In this respect, critics ought to give Wiels the benefit of the doubt – though everyone will be watching where he is going next.
Schotte’s position on the screening law is obviously suspect. It is hard to believe that this is about legality. It is much more likely that the MFK-leader fears that he, or other candidates from his party for a post in the new cabinet, will fail the test.
But Schotte is no longer in control of his political destiny. He will have to follow the lead of election-winner Wiels – and if Wiels sticks to his guns and demands that this law is respected, Schotte has but two options: shape up or ship out.

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