Opinion: I waited, and waited…

POSTED: 04/3/14 2:49 PM

Dear Editor,

All over the world governments are changed for all kinds of reasons. For governments to change people change political alliances, also for all kinds of reasons.

On my island St. Maarten some people take pride in saying, “I never change my party.” While this is to be respected, my conviction is different. It is one of the reasons that it is still difficult for governments to change on this here friendly island. In biology we are taught change is needed for growth. Period. One island where people don’t play with non-functioning politicians is Curacao and Aruba. You mess up and you gone, “no ifs, whens, nor buts.” You are out of here.

Since 2006 until 2010 I supported and gladly worked for Ms. Sarah Wescott-Williams. During that tenure I also worked as assistant and advisor to Mr Erno Labega, who worked in the central government in Curacao. I must note that this good gentleman is really a wonderful human being. He says what he means and means what he says: a rare commodity in the world of politics. I worked well also with Ms. Wescott-Williams. But here is the part that caused us to part ways.

In 2010, when Ms. Sarah Wescott-Williams became our honorable prime minister things seemed to have changed. After a period of waiting I went to the prime minister’s office, where I kindly stated:” Madame prime minister I am reporting for duty.” I, at that moment, was not looking for a job, as I am a comfortable business owner. Mind you to keep things in context in 1983 when I returned to my birth island I was unemployed and washed cars for a living for a period before becoming a high school teacher at the Milton Peters College.

I expressed to the prime minister I was willing to do anything to serve my country. At that time I was told that the good prime minister would contact me.

I waited and waited, but the call never came.

Last Sunday, the UP party kept their congress, which I attended and joined as an active member.

Now reader, am not the kind of person that goes along to get along. I love to work, as I know it carries the key to success. While waiting for this call, I continued to build several businesses, employ people and pay my taxes.

Now I know there are those who will give this their own spin and interpretation. That is fine as this is the craft of politics and politicians.

At this point of my life my children are grown, I have a grandchild and I am semi-retiring from business and at the verge of bringing my graduating kids into the family business. What I do want to do is serve my country once again, in which ever capacity that is presented to me. This is not my call, but of the UP leader and leadership.

Reader believe me these are the facts.

There is enough time for the politics.

I owe the public this explanation as I was a very loyal and vocal supporter of the honorable prime minister.

When the UP leadership asked me for my support, I had already realized with a number of years gone by that I wasn’t going to get “that call.” So I agreed and past Sunday I signed the dotted.

Finally, I wish the honorable prime minister well and the people will be the judge of us all.


Julian Rollocks


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