Opinion: Hope does not exist

POSTED: 09/15/11 1:09 PM

The title of the governing program that was presented on Tuesday is all wrong: A foundation of hope for our country.

What is wrong with it? There is no hope. It does not exist. It is a figment of people’s imagination. To build a foundation of hope is like building castles in the air. It is definitely not the way to run a country.

Of course, many people use the word hope all their life, thereby creating the suggestion that such a thing as hope exists.

I hope I will not get a cold. I hope I will win the lottery. I hope I will get that job. I hope I will pass my exams. I hope that girl loves me too. I hope she likes the present I bought for her. I hope the Cft will approve our budget.

I hope, I hope, I hope …..

Isn’t it obvious? Too many people stick to a false belief; they think that if you want something bad enough, if you hope hard enough, that it will automatically materialize.

But this is not how the world works. If you want to prevent getting a cold, you have to take proper measures – and we’re not talking about swallowing tons of pharmaceuticals here. You have to live a healthy life, make sure that you don’t stand like forever in a cool draft when you are sweaty, get enough sleep, etcetera. All these steps support the well-being of the human body and they diminish the odds of catching a cold.

If you want to win the lottery …., well all the hoping in the world is not going to change anything. Lotteries are simply a matter of odds. If there is one prize of a million dollars and there are 600,000 tickets, the chance to win it with one ticket is 1: 600,000 or 0.00016 percent. What good is it going to do anybody by sitting somewhere hoping to win the lottery? Because what these people are actually doing is absolutely nothing. They sit and wait. And they hope, blissfully unaware that hope does not exist.

How about wanting to get a particular job? What to do? Hope? There is no future in that attitude. Instead, candidates have to make sure that they are qualified for the job, that they show enthusiasm for the work involved, and that they make clear that they are ready to go the extra mile.

We could go on with the other examples, but the basic principle is always the same. To achieve a certain result, or a certain outcome, they will have to do something, they have to take action. We will repeat out by now well-worn mantra: intention + action = result.

The result is the desired outcome. To achieve that result, action is needed. And all action is driven by intention, and most certainly not by hope.

So now we are looking at a governing program with the lofty title A foundation of hope for our country – and we are really not amused. It triggers images of people sitting around, waiting for manna to fall from heaven, waiting for someone else to do the job, waiting for others to put money on the table – and cursing anybody and everybody when nothing happens.

The future is ours, and we control what it will look like. Of course we will encounter unexpected events, but we have to deal with them, not whine about them.

The opening line of the governing plan is one for the archives: “If there ever was a time for government to plot its course carefully, to plan strategically, and to prioritize its activities, it is now.”

We’re not going to be sarcastic here, but we feel free to say that this is not a brilliant way to introduce the government’s ambitions for the future. It is probably the most hollow and meaningless sentence we have come across in the past three hundred years.

We truly hope that the actions everybody expects from this government are going to believe the hollow words in this governing program.

Ah, you see? We almost forgot. There is no hope. It does not exist.

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