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POSTED: 02/14/13 12:45 PM

There is one restaurant concept we still do not have in St. Maarten. With a large American clientele all through the year it could be worth considering the establishment of a Caribbean version of the notorious Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas.

The restaurant makes world news every time somebody dies there. This time is was John Alleman, a 52-year-old who functioned as the restaurant’s unofficial spokesman. He died on Monday – of a heart attack of course.

The Heart Attack Grill is famous for its enormous hamburgers, extra fatty milkshakes and fries fried in lard. It is a Walhalla for everyone who despises a healthy diet. The waitresses are dresses in nurses’ uniforms.

Alleman was on the street in front of the restaurant enticing people to enter. He did not receive any money for his work, but he did become the restaurant’s mascot.

In 2011 Allemans’s predecessor Blair River kicked the bucket at the tender age of 29. Last year a client had to be taken to hospital while he was busy devouring his so-called Triple Bypass Burger (a monster with 6,000 calories).

John Basso, the restaurant’s owner regrets Alleman’s passing, saying that the man was always there, even at Christmas. Basso had some good news too: everybody can get a heart attack, he said, noting that Alleman weighed just 82 kilos.

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