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POSTED: 11/7/12 12:38 PM

Hurricane Sandy, supersized in American media to superstorm, has done immense damage to an already devastated Haiti. In January 2010, the country was hit by the worst earthquake in 200 years. It affected 3 million people, killed at least 316,000, left 300,000 injured and 1 million homeless. The government estimated that 250,000 residences and 30,000 commercial buildings had been destroyed.

An outbreak of cholera has hampered the country ever since the monster earthquake. Sandy has made the situation worse. Relief workers of Doctors Without Borders say that the number of cholera patients they are treating on a weekly basis has almost doubled.

The heavy rains that followed in the wake of the storm put pressure on the already badly functioning sanitary system in Haiti. Before sandy, doctors without borders treated 500 cholera patients a week. After Sandy the number jumped to 800.

Sandy also left an additional 200,000 Haitians homeless. The storm killed 52 people and also caused food shortages.

All in all, the drama for Haiti continues. According to relief workers the biggest problem Sandy cause is the destruction of roads. This limits the access to affected areas by relief workers and it also obscures the true scope of the cholera epidemic.

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