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POSTED: 06/13/14 11:17 AM

It never stops to amaze us how people justify the possession of firearms. Yesterday was a nice example. The defendant did not have just any firearm, no he had one of the meanest assault rifles the world has ever produced after the AK-47 and the M16 – the AR-15,

This rifle is able to hit a target accurately from a distance of 500 meters and it will rip through any tree that stands in its way.

The defendant claimed he had bought the rifle from 2-Pac on February 14 of this year. That is mighty interesting, because 2-Pac, real name Rodrigue Bernard Cocks, is – or rather was – a man with a reputation. He had a habit of threatening people with guns and apparently he also sold guns. Two days after our defendant bought his assault rifle, 2-Pac was killed in a drive-by shooting in French Quarter.

While our defendant seemed like a decent guy – not a run of the mill criminal by any standards – we did wonder how on earth he managed to get in contact with a character like the late 2-Pac. The world is full of surprises.

A day after 2-Pac met his maker, our defendant took his assault rifle to the beach in Guana Bay, where he fired sixteen rounds – according to his own account to check whether the weapon actually worked, but according to us just for the heck of it.

Resident neighborhoods did not like the sound of those shots; they alerted the police and our defendant was soon arrested.

His story in court was textbook, at least, the first part. He had bought the gun to protect his family, he said, because they had been threatened. Who exactly uttered the threats, let alone why, never became clear.

And then our defendant threw gynecologist Randall Friday in the mix. Friday is a cousin of the defendant and he was gunned down in front of his practice in the Yogesh Building in November of last year.

Our defendant hinted at a motive for this shooting. Cousin Friday is a partner in the My Lucky Day Lottery, a competitor of lottery stalwart Robbie dos Santos. According to the defendant, Robbie was none too pleased when Friday obtained his lottery permit.

And so? Well, the defendant said, I am not saying that Robbie did it, and I have no proof for that. But it must be something along those lines.

We were floored, if only because these statements came out of the blue and had nothing to do with one undeniable fact and that is that our defendant had bought himself a mean assault rifle. Even he knew it was illegal, but he probably had not counted on the prosecution.

Where the standard punishment for illegal firearm possession is 12 months, and some people even get off with a lower or a conditional sentence, the prosecution demanded a 2-year prison sentence against yesterday’s defendant.

The court will pronounce its verdict in three weeks. What will happen then? Our defendant is not incarcerated and it is highly unlikely that he will be arrested on the spot when the court reads its verdict on July 2. Our prison is full, and the prosecutor’s office has a truckload of verdicts in its files that have never been executed.

Example? Two people who were involved in the robbery of Bada Bing in 2012. They have a 4-year prison sentence to their name each, but they are still walking around free. We figure that our assault rifle guy will join the ranks of those who were convicted and never went to jail. Nice idea for a tee shirt.

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