Opinion: Gross (two Dutch men eat each other’s flesh)

POSTED: 12/21/11 9:50 AM

Reading some Dutch newspapers, like the populist Telegraaf, may lead people to believe that life revolves around scantily dressed celebrities, big breasts and sex. We’ll be the last to deny that sex and drugs and rock and roll are important components of some people’s lives. And tasteless and irrelevant as many of the headlines in the Telegraaf may be, the newspaper still has the largest circulation in the Netherlands, so they must be doing something right.

Well, it depends how one looks at it. Newspapers like the Telegraaf have certainly found a way to appeal to its readership’s basic instincts.

And then there is television. With countless channels at their fingertips, viewers are obviously in command. They decide what they want to watch, so producers have to find ways to attract their attention.

Two Dutch producers, Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno, certainly managed to that this week. They made global headlines with their announcement that they would eat a piece of each other’s flesh during the broadcast of yesterday’s program Guinea Pigs (Proefkonijnen) on BNN. Earlier this week, Storm and Zeno saw a surgeon who took a piece out of their behinds. They ate it during a recorded broadcast that will air tonight on BNN.

Cannibalism, was the reaction in most media, and we don’t have much to add to that statement.

Is that gross or what? What does this say about the producers who came up with the idea? What does it say about the guys who actually ate a piece of each other? And what does it say about people who actually watched the program?

We gladly leave this judgment to our readers. Please note that there are no laws against bad taste, and that there is absolutely no point in calls for a ban on this type of so-called creativity. The only way to tell these idiots that they have crossed a line is to ignore their broadcast.

Well, we know better. After all, the Telegraaf has the largest circulation among Dutch newspapers. Reporters are not eating each other there yet, at least not in the literal sense, but the TV-program may just have given the paper an idea.

What to say? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year?

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