Opinion: Grasshopper-economy

POSTED: 12/28/11 12:13 PM

We’re having some issues of our own on our Friendly Island with electricity-supply, but in a far-away country called Uganda people are in a real bind. And mind you, they are not concerned about their beers that don’t keep cool in the fridge, or about their vegetables that wilt away under the hot African sun. No, the national economy is battling a shortage of grasshoppers and this is caused by the country’s ramshackle electricity-supply.
Yep, you read that correctly. Deep-fried grasshoppers and onions are a delicacy in Uganda. But the relentless power cuts are interfering with the work of grasshopper-hunters who need bright lights to catch the insects.
The laws of supply and demand also work in the grasshopper-economy. To the despair of grasshopper aficionados the price for a small bag has gone up to a bit more than 44 dollar cent, double the normal price. On the upside, they won’t have to spend money on electricity they don’t have but we understand that most Ugandans don’t find comfort in this thought.
The government in Uganda has now acknowledged that it has invested too little in power supply for years. Next year the country will inaugurate a new water powered electricity plant – if everything goes according to plan that is. The grasshopper-hunters are looking forward to that moment.

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