Editorial: Government’s Integrity Investigation now in overdrive

POSTED: 10/17/13 10:06 AM

There is no other way to say this: the government has gone into overdrive and is pushing its own integrity investigation with unprecedented enthusiasm and with the proper sense of urgency.

In spite of the explanation Justice Minister Dennis Richardson gave yesterday there are still many unanswered questions. The exact terms of reference for the investigation have not been released yet and it is also unclear to whom the committee has to report its findings and recommendations.

More importantly, there is no indication what will happen with those recommendations, who will be responsible for putting them into practice, or what will happen if the government decides for whatever reason to ignore the recommendations.

That there are now three horses in the integrity-race may not be a bad thing. The Bob Wit-committee will be able to compare notes with Transparency International and with the governor’s investigators when all the work is done. By next summer we should know a lot more.

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