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POSTED: 06/14/11 12:29 PM

Google returns 173 million results in 0.11 seconds on the key words Netherlands Antilles. Fortunately, the top sites that come up all indicate that the country no longer exists and that St. Maarten and Curacao are now autonomous countries within the Dutch Kingdom while the BES-islands have become Dutch public entities.

But surfers who visit web sites like, for instance the one of the Pan American health Organization does not find the autonomous countries listed there. For the Paho, it’s still the Netherlands Antilles.

This is the case for countless other web sites, especially those of companies that specialize in international trade via the internet. The Netherlands Antilles do not exist anymore, but on the web the country is alive and kicking, driving some surfers to despair when they are unable to find “their” country.

As an autonomous country, St. Maarten (or Curacao, for that matter) has been unable to attract the attention of the world – at least as far as listings on the internet are concerned.

Is it a problem? We had to think about this when we read in Dutch newspapers some mishap about an Antillean family.

If the Netherlands Antilles do no longer exist, are then Antilleans no longer among us either? Dutch Newspapers would probably get a big headache from writing Curacaoenaar (Dutch for Curacaolenean), but St. Maartener should not be too difficult to get used to.

As thing stand now it seems like the Netherlands Antilles will never die; and they won’t fade away either.


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