Opinion: Golden tip, but not for Muslims

POSTED: 09/8/11 11:52 AM

Is this the golden tip for people who are, ehhh, fat, overweight, obese? We’re not sure but we give it to our readers for what it’s worth, marveling at the same time how in a rich industrialized world there is money to research practically anything and everything.
We always thought that, medical conditions excluded, being fat is the result of two factors: eating too much and moving too little. Change these factors and the situation changes.
At the University of Southern California researchers broke their educated heads over the question why people continue to eat thoughtlessly even when the food in front of them isn’t all that palatable.
Since money was no problem, the researchers set up three groups of people and let them – how American – eat popcorn in a cinema. The first group consisted of people who said they always ate popcorn in the cinema, the second groups never did, and the third group was the so-called control-group. Some people got fresh popcorn to eat; others were served with popcorn that was a week old. Where do they get these ideas?
Anyway, the guinea pigs who indicated that they always ate popcorn always ate the same amount, whether the popcorn was fresh or old. Those who said they never ate popcorn ate less when the popcorn was old and more when it was fresh.
The control group, consisting of a mix of popcorn and non-popcorn eaters, was stationed in the cinema’s lobby; these people also ate more fresh than old popcorn.
The researchers concluded from this that people eat out of habit and that this habit is activated by the environment and by a situation.
Fasten your seatbelt for this scientific observation: “We think that our eating habits stem from the taste of food, but nobody loves spongy old popcorn. If we have developed an eating habit it does not matter anymore what the taster is like. We always eat the same amount, whether the food is fresh or old.”
To break these habits the researchers asked their subject to eat with their other hand; and guess what? All of them started eating less.
To conclude from this little, but interesting experiment that eating with the other hand will result in less fat people on the streets is a bit rich to our taste.
We bet our bottom dollar that there were no Muslims in either of the groups involved in this research. After all the Prophet Mohammed has ordered people to eat with their right hand. That’s the hand that stands for all thing good, while the left hand stands for all thing evil.
In other words, Muslims will have to find a different way to keep a grip on their eating habits.

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