Opinion: Gebe and its load shedding

POSTED: 10/2/15 12:30 PM

The word load-shedding has an almost apologetic quality. We do not doubt that it is the technically correct term for whatever our utilities company is up to, but consumers at home have another word for it. Power cut.

Power cuts are a nuisance to all those who do not have a generator. One a scale from one to ten, we give 12 to the chance that the vast majority of consumers does not have a generator.

So when the power goes off, the ice cubes in your fridge start melting, perishables lose their luster and washing machines cannot do what they have to do. Computers also have a hard time without electricity: even if you had battery power to spare, your router needs the juice from Gebe and without a functioning router, you have no internet. You are in the digital wilderness, and who wants to be there?

We have to appreciate Gebe’s efforts to explain its challenges. We did not study to be an engineer, so we would not dare challenge the technical explanations. It is what it is, and we do not believe for a second that the staff at Gebe is purposely frustrating the company’s customers.

Now we here that Gebe will be able to stabilize power towards the end of this year. We hope Binkie van Es does not explode when he reads that. Its three long months towards December 31 and that is probably too much to swallow for most of us.

Now let’s look at the bright side. Imagine an evening at home where you have no TV, no flickering computer screens, no radio. But you have candles, right? Now relax, put a nice bottle of wine on the table, and have that conversation with your companion (we’re staying sex-neutral here) that you have been putting off for so long. Sit on your balcony and enjoy a star-studded sky, thank your neighbors for being as quiet as you are yourself and, to cut a long story short – enjoy yourself. Then thank Gebe for offering you that power cut. For free.

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