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POSTED: 11/26/12 2:21 PM

Okay, we know that Dubai is not part of Parlatino, so chances that our politicians or anybody else from St. Maarten for that matter, ever ends up there is rather slim. Still, just in case, we figure that a friendly warning will do no harm.

Here is the story: an Irish man and a British business woman were sentenced by a court in Dubai for getting a bit too intimate with each other on the backseat of a taxi. Oops: three months in jail.

The United Arab Emirates have strict laws regulating sex-related matters. At the same time, the powers that be quite often turn a blind eye to certain situations – but not to this one.

The prosecutors say that the Irishman and the British woman took off several pieces of clothing in the cab and that they cuddled each other. Knowing the reputation of both the Irish and the British a bit, we would not be at all surprised if this really happened, though we wonder why on earth they would get undressed for a cuddle.

The couple denies the accusations and says that the cab driver made up the story after they had an argument about the cab fee.

The judge did not believe their story and said that both will be deported after completion of the sentences. The two lovers will appeal the verdict.

It is not the first time that westerners get into hot water in the Emirates. In 2008 a British couple was sentenced to three months for having sex on the beach in Dubai. (In St. Maarten Sex on the beach is for sale in every respectable beach bar). Another couple got a 1-month sentence in 2010 for kissing each other on the mouth in a restaurant.

Sure, we expect our tourists and our residents to maintain a certain level of decency. All we are able to say is: when in the Emirates don’t do like the Irish and the British.


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