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POSTED: 06/24/11 12:51 PM

It’s still awkward, or so some people think, when somebody says: you’re fat. And while being fat may be awkward in itself, it is also a silent epidemic that rumbles on through the world while too many people bury their heads in the sand to avoid a confrontation with a very ugly reality.

Obesity sounds like an attempt to medicalize the obvious. People are not fat, they “suffer from obesitas” the way others suffer from the flu, a brain tumor or aids.

American scientists turned their attention to the question why some kids become fat at a very young age. They combined several research efforts in a report that gives an overview of the situation.

The recommendations they come up with are not earthshaking innovations – they’re mostly common sense – exactly the ingredient that seems to be missing in the upbringing of too many children.

The researchers say for instance that it is a bad idea to allow children to have a TV in their room. Sitting in front of the tube does not burn any calories and it also keeps kids awake longer than is healthy for them.

Active kids grow “out of their baby fat,” researchers say. Kids who don’t grow out of it have an increased chance of becoming obese later on in life.

The recommendations focus on kids below the age of five, and while they are meant for consultation bureaus and youth care organizations, parent could achieve positive results by applying them as well.

The first recommendation is to make sure that a kid stays active during the day. Running around, for at least a quarter of an hour per hour will keep them in shape.

Punishing kids should not include taking away their play time; parents who do that make their kids sit still, and that way they don’t burn all those calories.

Breast feeding for as long as possible is the third recommendation. The report recommends exclusive breast feeding during the first six months.

Parent ought to teach their children to eat only when they are hungry. Excessive snacking must be prevented.

The last recommendation might lead to a little war at home, but still, it’s worth a shot: limit TV and computer time to two hours per day. Take TVs away from children’s bedrooms, because they sleep much better without the temptations of the tube. More rest during the night makes kids more active the following day.

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James added that the current situation that proprietors face when they pursue construction activities without the necessary permits in hand is an embarrassing one.

“I do hope others out there are paying attention and take heed, and have learnt a lesson.  Get the necessary permits before you start any type or form of construction.  Respect our laws,” the MP concluded.

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