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POSTED: 01/29/13 1:01 PM

The other day, with a couple of loose dollars in my pocket I decided on impulse to purchase a copy of Dr. Mac Donald’s Farmers Almanac 2013.

It comes with a canary yellow cover at a price of $3.50 from the cover, I learned that this was the 116th consecutive year the almanac has been published.

I didn’t think much of it, and dropped the almanac as a curiosity on my desk with the idea to browse it later. The cover promises predictions about crops, the weather, sickness, lucky days and future events.
Since I don’t have a vegetable garden, the weather is always the same in St. Maarten, I am never sick, and consider every day a lucky day, there was actually not much left in the almanac for me.

Okay, I know now that the incubation time for a canary is 14 days, and for a parrot 40 days, the gestation time for a bitch 9 weeks and for a rabbit 30 days, but who cares?

I noticed that Dr. Mac Donald’s also has an astrological dream book on offer for the hefty price of three bucks. It is a comprehensive and scientific system for the interpretation of dreams. I thought that would be something for our Justice Minister and his pipedream about a Justice Park. (Maybe I ought to buy Mac Donald’s Jokes For All Occasions before making a quip like this).

To summit up: I haven’t found anything useful in this nifty little publication yet. But on Saturday, when I was browsing through Le Grand Marche, I realized that I must have missed something. What did I see? An elderly lady was at the check out with a fistful of almanacs. I figure that the good lady bought them all.

So now I am desperately flipping through the pages, searching for the nugget that made it worth approximately 35 bucks for this lady to buy the whole lot. Who knows, maybe Bijnsdorp has the answer.


Hilbert Haar

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