Opinion: Fake cigarettes

POSTED: 11/9/12 12:34 PM

Reality is weirder than fiction and the catch of a large amount of fake cigarettes in Curacao shows once more how true this is.

The interim director of the customs department, one Varessa Elisabeth told reporters that this was a serious matter and that is was harmful to people’s health.

That last remark was inspired by the fact that the cigarettes had been found in an open box. The brilliant minds at the customs in Curacao concluded that it was therefore possible for rats and other vermin to freely walk through the merchandise. This is why these cigarettes are a danger to people’s health, the customs director said.

It took some time for us to digest this. The cigarettes are fake. They are in fake Marlboro packages. These packages are in an open box. This is why they are dangerous to people’s health.

During our last trip to a supermarket, we happened to walk past the shelves that hold tobacco products. Smoking kills, we read on these packages. They were the real Marlboros.

The packages also show pictures that are not designed for the weak of heart. These cigarettes are sold legally in supermarkets the world over. More and more countries demand that the producers put health warnings on their products.

That cigarettes are a danger to people’s health is common knowledge. To state that fake cigarettes pose something like an additional threat is ridiculous. But maybe the interim director of the customs department in Willemstad already realized this after reading the article in local newspapers.

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