Opinion: Facebook-bullies

POSTED: 11/22/12 1:31 PM

Foreign Affairs Minister Frans Timmermans closed down his Facebook account, the Volkskrant reported yesterday. He received a truckload of negative reactions on his Facebook-postings about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. That became too much and last night, Timmermans’ account was gone.

The minister acknowledged on his page that emotions run high in the discussions about the Middle East conflict. But there are limits, and they should not be crossed to often otherwise I have to stop with this page, he wrote.

While Timmermans-fans encouraged the minister to stay on the social media site, critics kept bombarding his page. On Monday, Timmermans wrote: A pity that my wall is being misused this way. I fear that this is not tenable. I regret that it is not possible to have a normal discussion anymore and that the facts apparently don’t matter.”

Facebook friends called Timmermans a true democrat who gives everybody his due. “The bullies got the upper hand and they pestered him away.”

One more reason to stay away from social media and do something useful with one’s time.

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