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POSTED: 01/26/12 11:43 AM

When the Antillean guilder will finally disappear, nobody knows. But we have already a rather interesting idea about what to do with the leftovers. No, it’s not an idea of our own, let’s be honest here, but from an unemployed Irish artist by the name of Frank Buckley. He built a house made of cut up euro banknotes with a combined value of 1.4 billion. Buckley obtained the material from the Irish printer of the bank notes.
According to Buckley, the euro is excellent isolation material. He has labeled his house a monument for the insanity of the past ten years after the introduction of the common currency.
The eurohouse is built inside the lobby of an office building that was completed four years ago when the real estate market was at its peak. But the bubble burst, and the building has been empty ever since. People have spent billions on buildings that are worthless now, the artists mused, adding that he wanted to create something out of nothing.
Ireland is fighting an economic crisis that started five years ago, in 2007. St. Maarten is not fighting any crisis: all we hear is that we are facing a difficult year, but how bad it really is going to be, nobody wants to say.
Maybe it’s time to collect those Antillean guilder bank notes. Somebody could build a house with it in the lobby of the new government administration building that’s been empty for almost as long as that office building in Ireland, and we have plenty of unemployed people to do the job.

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