Opinion: Don’t give up the fight

POSTED: 08/13/13 2:04 PM

On January 1st, 2012 I returned to St. Maarten from the Netherlands after completing my studies which took me 10 years. I now have a degree in architecture, administration, computer and heavy equipment. Being a proud mother, upon returning from my studies I was very excited to start searching for employment to begin my career, something every student is always excited about, just like when you receive your driving license and purchase your first vehicle.

Unfortunately, after knocking on so many business doors for over one and a half years and working under contracts at a number of businesses, I got very disappointed in the labor system. I was told at various interviews with different businesses that I was overqualified, which is a response that most students returning from studying receive from management of businesses. Hearing those discouraging words for a period of time I asked myself the question if I should go back to the Netherlands and seek employment there or stay on St. Maarten and find a way to survive in my own native country.

I chose the latter and decided to use my God given creative mind and started my own company which is named “Your Home Design and Consulting.” I said to myself that I will not allow any negative circumstances define my destiny. I immediately started to promote my business and approached the general public with the concept of designing 3D homes for persons that cannot afford to pay for a luxurious design for their home or building they wish to construct.

I have also started building my clientele, which is a task that every business has to undertake. A successful business depends on the strength of your customers. My desire is to be an example to students returning, or have returned, to St. Maarten to start building their career by informing them that they can live the St. Maarten dream if they choose not to let any negative circumstances or experiences define their destiny.

Students returning to St. Maarten should not allow anyone or anything to discourage them from living their St. Maarten dream. I believe that the government should facilitate this. The students should not sit back, but get up, stand up and not give up the fight.

Ameera Groeneveldt   


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