Opinion: Doing nothing

POSTED: 10/11/11 1:35 PM

The Kingdom Council of Ministers did not take a decision about the Rosenmöller report last week Friday and that tells the powers that be in Curacao all they need to know. The Netherlands has no intention to intervene in Willemstad, simply because the political cost of such an operation will be much higher than the unlikely benefits.
This gives the Schotte-cabinet and the parliament in Curacao free reign. They will ignore the recommendations made by Rosenmöller and Maas and they will continue to create their own mess.
It is unfortunate that politicians in Curacao have taken such an extreme position, because they themselves –and by extension the population – will become the victim of it.
What is so difficult about following a couple of sensible recommendations? Set up an independent committee, let it investigate what needs to be investigated, take the measures to set things straight and move on?
The impression that has now been created by the ridiculously extreme reactions from especially Pueblo Soberano is that these politicians have something to hide. They have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar and now they are screaming colonialism – or worse.
Curacao is an autonomous country in the Kingdom – nobody has breathed even a syllable about turning the place into the fourth BES-island. As an autonomous country, the island is responsible for its own actions. And if there are doubts about the integrity of members of the cabinet, the best way to deal with those doubts is to do a proper investigation.
Hmm. Not in Curacao. The strategy in Willemstad is to vilify the messenger, and accuse the Netherlands of an attempt at re-colonization while The Hague is just happy as nails with the dismantling of the Netherlands Antilles and the new freedom for the individual islands.
Curacao brings a lot of attitude but little sense to the party. We suspect that this show will continue, but we also suspect that the Kingdom Council of Ministers will do what it does best in such dire circumstances, namely nothing.

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