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POSTED: 11/19/12 1:56 PM

The mystery surrounding the plans for a drag racing strip and a cricket stadium is reaching new levels, now that it appears that Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams has failed to respond to a letter from the Social Economic Council about these issues.

One would think that, with the second symposium organized by the High Councils of State just behind us, that our government would understand that these councils are not just decoration to make the island look good.

These are real entities with real functions and the government ought to take them seriously.

Based on results, answering letters from the Social Economic Council is not high on the agenda. The council submitted a letter with pertinent questions about the drag racing strip and the cricket stadium on October 15. Yet today, more than a month later, there is no reaction.

On the plus side, there is also no further development in the sense that the trucks have started riding again and dumping even more sand in the embattled Great Salt Pond.

One of the questions the Social Economic Council posed that we liked best is this one: If the reclaimed land in the Great Salt Pond will not be used for a drag race strip and/or for a new cricket stadium when will the sand be removed from the Great Salt Pond?

We don’t have any inside information, but we know the answer to this question. It is a five-letter word and it spells: never.

Whether speed devils will ever upset the peace and quiet among the monkeys in our zoo is something we will learn further down the road. But if that darn drag racing strip is taken off the table, that sand will stay put. And sooner or later the government will give it quietly in long lease to someone.

Our government has no clue who gave the order to truck that sand into the Great Salt Pond. Maybe they could ask the truckers who got not only the green light but also the pay to do the job. That money had to come from somewhere and somebody had to okay those payments.

It is of course utter nonsense that nobody knows this. The point is: those who know are lying low, thinking the storm will blow over sooner or later.

But this story will not go away. Sooner or later the truth will surface. Keeping the Social Economic Council at bay by simply not answering to their letter about this issue is not going to solve anything. On the contrary, if such an attitude does anything it is showing disdain for this advisory body. There is still time to kiss and make up, but we figure that clear answers ought to be available at least before the end of this month. Complete with an apology of course.

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