Opinion: Dirty beaches

POSTED: 06/28/12 11:45 AM

Ah no! Every year about 3.5 million people become sick due to the pollution of American beaches. At least, that is the estimate made by the New York-based environmental organization Natural Resources Defense Council. The non-profit organization presented this week its annual report about the pollution on 300 American beaches. The report notes that people get sick because of garbage, feces and chemicals that end up in the sea due to inadequate drainage systems. Swimmers run the risk of catching the flu, hepatitis and infections of the conjunctiva.
Hmm, we have 37 beaches around the island and we have drainage systems that need serious upgrading. Actually, the government is working on some projects. But how polluted our beaches are? We know that the annual coastal cleanup collects tons of garbage from our beaches so that seems to be a negative indication. Maybe an idea to test the waters, so to speak and to indicate to our residents and visitors which beaches are safe and which are to be avoided at all cost.

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