Opinion: Destined for failure

POSTED: 07/4/11 12:06 PM

The Dutch government comes with one plan after the other that seems destined for failure. While Geert Wilders is holding a machete to the throat of the minority cabinet, ministers go out of their way to please the big bleached leader of the Freedom Party.

Attempts to regulate soft drug use have always been highly amusing in the Netherlands. The country belonged to the avant-garde when it introduced a tolerant approach, dropped the prosecution of people carrying soft drugs meant for personal use and then introduced legal soft drug sales in so-called coffee shops.

That’s where things got already slightly funny. While the coffee shop owner was granted the right to sell soft drugs legally, he was at the same time held to buy his stuff from illegally at the back door. Another typical Dutch pacifier to worried right wingers was that those coffee shops could not be within a radius of five hundred meters from a school.

One just has to imagine two schools standing at a distance of 1,002 meters from each other with a coffee shop standing bang in the middle to see how ludicrous this condition was. Politicians never considered how fast a high school student is able to cover 501 meters.

Now politicians have trained their guns on said coffee shops from a different angle. Only Dutch citizens carrying a weed-pass are allowed to buy soft drugs in the coffee shops. The idea here is to stop drug tourism from surrounding countries with harsher policies like France and Germany.

The Netherlands has often been called a country of preachers and window cleaners, but we bet our bottom dollar that the weed-pass will create plenty of business opportunities, that the drug tourists will keep coming, and that they will be served as well. Not in the coffee shop anymore of course, but in dark alleys or simply on a terrace in Amsterdam where enterprising weed-pass holders will ply their trade.  Politicians have a weird picture of reality.

Now we notice that Immigration Minister Gerd Leers wants to get tough on asylum seekers who fail to obtain legal status. These people have to leave, the minister says, and to make sure that they do not engage in funny business he wants to take their identity papers already away during the intake process.

The measure fits perfectly in the silly season. Leers will never manage to remove all these asylum seekers from the country. Ask United States president Barack Obama how he deals with the approximately twelve million illegal Mexicans in his country. (The answer is: he doesn’t).

Leers will get a few more laughs from his idea that asylum seekers will have to pay for the return trip to their country of origin. Is this guy for real? Has he ever seen a real asylum seeker? These people do not come with fat bank accounts to the west, but mostly just with the clothes they have on their back.

How is Leers going to arrange payment? Offer asylum seekers personal loans and trust that they will pay back in monthly installments once they are safely sitting on their mountain top in Afghanistan or Kurdistan?

Duh. The Dutch government is talking tough to keep Geert happy. But when push comes to shove nothing much will change for evasive asylum seekers and illegal immigrants in the Netherlands.


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  1. The Truth says:

    You see the first baby, then the one behind it, then a women covered in cloth and the some swarthy bearded gentleman and his friends. They speak a language, not Dutch though. They spit and throw garbage out the car windows, and visit the hospital for nothing. The have many children and hate their host country. But still more family members come to Holland.
    Lets send them to St Maarten and then watch how the locals squeal to high heaven. I vote for Geert Wilders, just like local St Maarteners vote for Theo. You know why? They both on the side of the locals.