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POSTED: 04/15/14 11:36 PM

Dear editor,

Seldom – if ever –  Mr. Hilbert Haar of the Today newspaper and myself agree on things – anything.
As a matter of fact, whenever, I submit a letter to the editor to his newspaper, it seems to have the effect of the proverbial ‘red cloth on the bull’ on Mr. Haar.
He flies of the handle, as in a knee-jerk reflex, giving his personal interpretation and spin to what I wrote.
Nevertheless, it makes for good sales of the otherwise lagging paper, I surmise.
However, his response to my last letter to the editor, of which, of course, he changed its title – again – has had my exact desired response.
My letter to the editor had to do with testing the ‘We ready’ politicians in terms of ‘forcing’ them to take a public position vis a vis the growing problems between the native St. Martiners concerned about losing their country and the exploding number of (illegal) immigrants doing what they want.
By the way, for me the We Ready politicians are all politicians and all candidates of all political parties, including the UP, NA, DP, CPA and all those preparing to contest the upcoming elections on both sides of the island – All politicians !
Finally, with the help of Mr. Hilbert Haar, the once ‘in-discussible’ debate has started.
For this, I sincerely thank my friend, Mr. Hilbert Haar.
No, no, I am not joking here – I am very serious.
The topic, which like many, I too consider the most critical one in our development and which all politicians, for very good politically correct reasons never want to touch with a 10 feet pole, has finally burst open in the public square.
The bloggers in particular are wading in with many good suggestions.
This is a very good trend, because it shows, that more and more people are becoming ready to discuss this very complex issue, which will definitely not go away, because the politicians are wishing it away.
We are talking about the completely out of hand immigration disaster and its man, many social aspects, implications and in particular its many obstacles to any sustainable development such as the National Development Plan.
I therefore again commend Mr. Haar for having the courage to push for this debate to start.
It is to be hoped that all talk show hosts, who have a minimum level of professional ethics and are not in the pockets of politicians will follow the example of Mr. Haar and of the many bloggers and make sure not to let any politician or candidate get away, without giving their positions on the many, many aspects of this absolutely critical issue, which lies at the very core of all other issues.
To ‘kick off’ the debate, which might upset some people here is what is non-negotiable for us the St. Martin Grassroots People Movement.
The native, indigenous St Martiner must be defined in the constitution and in all legislation and charity must start at home for the St. Martiner, who must also be protected, preserved and granted the guarantees never to become marginalized, or extinct.
What sayest you now, all ‘We ready’ politicians – the people – all the people want to know, before voting for you.

Leopold James

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