Opinion: Dating flights

POSTED: 02/7/12 3:56 PM

The Dutch airline KLM introduces a meet and seat service on intercontinental flights. The service allows passengers to share their information via the social networks Facebook and LinkedIn. Based on this information they have the option to choose next to whom they want to sit. It’s a concept made with the best intentions that will of course lead to a lot of trouble down the road.

We’re curious to see how this service is going to work – if it will work at all. If passenger A wants to sit next to passenger B, but that passenger prefers to sit next to passenger C who prefers to sit next to passenger A, how on earth is the KLM going to solve buy mexican valium online this?

What is also rather remarkable: the service allows passengers to share taxis – which seems like a practical option – and to agree to meet before or after the flight. This last option makes the KLM look like a dating site. There’s nothing wrong with it – especially since it takes two to tango, but it remains a unique move into uncharted territory.

Maybe it’s an idea for Winair, though given the limited duration of its flights to the surrounding islands, the service would turn into an airborne form of speed dating.


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