Opinion: Cruelty to iguanas

POSTED: 08/25/14 11:25 PM

Dear Editor,

For years a family in Great Bay has held in captivity some iguanas.  On various occasions I’ve tried to contact the Nature Foundation as well as some animal rescue foundations to remind them about the situation and make a plea to do something about it; perhaps some of them have tried to do something but no deal.  Everybody is busy and doing their job, passing by this place and nobody seems to understand the level of cruelty these innocent iguanas are going through.

I have confronted the family of this house located between the cemetery at the end of Front Street and the Great Bay Hotel.  Everybody seems to be afraid to confront them. I am!  I’ve observed that most of the members of that family might be mentally disabled and kind of aggressive.  May it be possible that to have these animals in unnecessary captivity makes them feel a little power within their little meaningless narrow minds?

Every time I pass by I feel sorry for those iguanas.  Actually there is only one, the others have died.  The only one actually in the small cage is almost immobile, perhaps  lonely, and in desperate agony, unable to move or ask for help.


Name withheld upon request


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