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POSTED: 06/17/11 2:22 PM

If the situation were not so serious it were hilarious to see people talk at cross purposes. That this example for a good laugh (okay, cry is more appropriate – take your pick). Chief Prosecutor Mr. Hans Mos has suggested to Justice Minister Duncan to release prisoners who have almost served their time a bit early to take some pressure of the filled-to-capacity prison system. Mos’ solution does not apply to convicts serving time for violent crimes.

And what is the response of Justice Minister Roland Duncan? Proposal rejected because the minister does not want to release murders and rapist prematurely into toe society.


Let’s make a wild guess here: prosecutor Mos excluded convicts serving time for violent crimes from early release. There is a good chance that our chief prosecutor considers murderers and rapists as convicts that committed violent crimes.

So what is Duncan’s problem?

Ah, we learn from the weekly press briefing that our Justice Minister is “jealously guarding his decision making power.”

We take it that there was a typo in the first word and that the minister meant to say, or to be quoted as saying, zealously.

From there it is obviously a tiny step to becoming overzealous, and that’s the stage we suspect the minister has reached now.

It is clear that Mos offered some ideas to solve the cell shortage: we don’t think the prosecutor took the gun for which said minister happily gave him a license for (just kidding) put it against his forehead and forced him to swallow his proposal.

Nope, that never happened. But Duncan is apparently more concerned about guarding his turf, than about finding creative solutions to a thorny problem.

We really love the reaction Mos gave to the Minister’s statement, saying that he fully agrees with him about not wanting to let violent criminals out early. After all, that was part and parcel of his proposal.

But Duncan turned it down all the same, for that well-known reason: not invented here.

It is apparently much more fun to turn illegal buildings into prison facilities than to consider reasonable and logical proposals from others who does not belong to the minister’s inner circle.

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