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POSTED: 10/10/11 11:29 AM

Things are not going well in Curacao. Helmin Wiels’ party Pueblo Soberano is going completely overboard with a call for war on anybody and everybody who dares to support the Netherlands. Maybe Wiels will argue that it is not the party but its supporters that have uttered the war cry, but everybody knows that the party leader’s signature is all over this populist initiative.
This then, is the way Pueblo Soberano and its supporters deal with people who have a different opinion. Opponents are threatened and intimidated, all for the greater glory of the supreme leader Helmin Wiels, who seems to have lost sight of the fact that one of the basic principles of a constitutional democracy is the freedom of opinion. Pueblo Soberano also forgets that the majority of the people in Curacao did not vote for independence; they voted to become an autonomous country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Wiels is obviously free to disagree with that choice. But last week Pueblo Soberano supporters really went off the deep end by suggesting that the Netherlands is about to annex Curacao and to turn it into a BES-island. We assume that the genius that came up with this expression means that the Netherlands wants to turn Curacao into a Dutch public entity like Bonaire, Saba and Statia.
Hmm, we don’t think the Dutch are waiting for this. And what’s more: Pueblo Soberano supporters suggest that this is a conspiracy. And who are behind the conspiracy? The evil Americans of course! Who else?
Ha, Pueblo Soberano is making an attempt to make people believe that the Americans want the Netherlands to turn Curacao into a Dutch public entity. Why? For Pueblo Soberano that’s easy: to get a better grip on Venezuela.
When we read this we had to laugh so hard, we thought we needed medical assistance to deal with the severe cramps we experienced in the muscles that made us laugh.
The truth is of course that Pueblo Soberano is part of a government that has used the past year to make a mess of things. That has resulted in the Rosenmöller Committee, and the report from that committee has resulted in a recommendation to establish a Committee of Wise Men. That committee, in turn, has to figure out what is wrong with the government.
Ah, said government will of course argue that the public prosecutor’s office has decided not to prosecute Prime Minister Schotte and the ministers Jamaloodin and El Hakim. The only thing this decision proves is that the prosecutor’s office has not found any evidence for criminal acts.
But the Wise Men will not have to look for criminal wrongdoings. They have to look at the integrity of the Schotte-cabinet. That is a completely different matter.
The prosecutor’s office does not deal with matters of integrity. It only deals with criminal investigations.
The noise Pueblo Soberano is now making suggests that there is a lot the party does not want to come to the surface. PM Gerrit Schotte does not make any noise at all; with all the havoc the PS is creating, he does not have to.
But the belligerent attitude of both Schotte (who refused to receive the Rosenmöller Committee) and Pueblo Soberano who would prefer to kick all Dutch off the island) does not exactly contribute to a better investment climate in Curacao.
We imagine that the business community on the island is extremely nervous about all the political upheaval. Foreign investors will most likely consider themselves fortunate that they have not committed to anything yet; they must be looking for alternatives, like eh, St. Maarten.
All this to say that the more politicians in Curacao are screaming blue murder, the more they are shooting themselves in the foot. This goes obviously at the expense of ordinary citizens who will soon realize that there are even less job opportunities than the meager possibilities that existed before all hell broke loose in the government.
It’s about time politicians in Curacao come to their senses, but the way things are going there is little perspective that this will happen in the foreseeable future.

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