Opinion: Confused

POSTED: 10/20/11 1:55 PM

Forgive us for being confused. On Tuesday, Justice Minister Roland Duncan said in his address at the courthouse that the Council of Ministers had discussed the 2012 budget.

“Again there is a shortage of resources,” the minister said, suggesting that there is a problem to balance the budget – a not uncommon event in St. Maarten.

Earlier, we heard from Finance Minister Shigemoto that the 2012 budget would be 10 million guilders below the 2011 budget.

And what did we learn on Tuesday evening? That the budget is balanced and, what’s more, that it is something like 11 million guilders higher than the previous budget.

Of course, we’d like to welcome this as good news and as proof of the cabinet’s creativity. But we cannot help wondering: how did we go from a 10 million guilder budget cut to an 11 million guilder budget increase? Where did the government suddenly find 21 million guilders?

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