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POSTED: 06/28/13 11:53 AM

Politicians are not always very clear in their statements. That is because they want to be able to say today something is white, tomorrow that it could have been gray and the day after tomorrow that it is actually black. Once they are used to this (bad) habit it sticks to them like superglue.

Alex Rosaria, leader of the political party Pais in Curacao has not caught this ambiguity-virus yet. According to the Amigoe he had the following to say about MFK, the party of the fallen former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte: “I see that party as a criminal organization. As longs as it stays like that I don’t want to work together with them.”

That’s one way of putting rumors to rest about an MFK-coup to form a new coalition with Rosaria’s help. It sure is a clear message.

Rosaria defined organized crime based on a definition from the Council of Europe as something that has to meet four criteria: cooperation of two or more people, cooperation over a longer period of time, the intention to commit serious crimes and the objective of power and financial gain.

This reminds us of the cartoon we published on this page recently. A kid tells his father that he is contemplating a career in organized crime. And his dad deadpans: government or private sector?

Rosaria will no doubt take some heat for his remarks about the MFK because it seems rather unfair to make such a remark without backing it up.

All the same, it is a good indication of where politics in Curacao is heading. Schotte will do everything to get back into power now that his nemesis Helmin Wiels is no longer around. For the time being he should not count on the help of Alex Rosaria.

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