Opinion: Clarification

POSTED: 05/22/12 12:05 PM

Yesterday the following paragraph flowed from our keyboard: “We all know for instance that DP parliamentarian Roy Marlin owns a gas station in Dutch Quarter. So what? Our MP seems to have created some local employment with this venture, but it is obviously only part of the story – and we are not referring to MP Marlin here exclusively.”
When MP Marlin read that paragraph back to us we had to admit: this sounds like we’re insinuating we know something about MP Marlin that is not above board – and that was not our intention. So for the impression this created, we apologize.
To clarify the point we wanted to make, the following. Politicians in our small community inevitably have side functions, side jobs, or maybe commercial interests in one or more companies.
For the sake of transparency it would be good to publish that information. Otherwise politicians remain – correctly or incorrectly – the subject of speculation about perceived interests.
It is up to our parliament to take a decision to that effect.
Who is going to take up this challenge?

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