Opinion: Change? (Politicians promising)

POSTED: 08/13/14 11:19 PM

The political complaint is now in the home stretch, and the politicians from all political parties have stepped up their rhetoric, promising “change” along with more and more free-stuff.  One of the most important issues for most of us is the downsizing of our big bloated government. However, none of the political parties will, or are expected to downsize government. They’re on radio everyday now telling the gullible they are giving them information, while only spewing self-righteous misinformation, Soviet-style propaganda.

When you want to help people- you tell them the truth; when you want to help yourself- you tell them what they want to hear.

Since most of their candidates are “Statist” civil servants, we can only expect more and bigger government. Statism is the belief that the state is responsible for, and the source for creating jobs, and so, the state must have substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs. Hence, the “government’s new economic development plan” (government’s central planning of the economy, the cornerstone of Marxism), and a direct attack on, and interference in a free-market.

More bureaucracy equals more red-tape, equals more corruption, and equals more power to the state and its agents “overseers” (civil-servants), simply a dictatorship. (A government by the government for the government)  Government’s role should be the planning of infrastructural development, not the market and economy.  All party leaders are also already saying the government will have to find new way the generate more revenues ( “new revenue generating measures”) for all the free stuff on offer, which in simple English means “more taxes.”

Now, since all political parties are socialist promoting bigger dictatorial government. How can they expect those of us who work for a living to support and vote for any of them? It’s the same as willingly voting ourselves into slavery. The ones who vote for a living are already “slaves’ they have been bought with little free handouts, a cell phone, $50, a free airline ticket, promise of a government job etc, will continue willing vote themselves into slavery.

The coming promised socialist change will be; government will continue to take for themselves what they want, and will continue taking from you what you have for any reason, so, we’ll continue being little more than slaves pretending to elect new honorable slave master overlords every four years….

Well folks, since I refuse to vote myself into slavery, I cannot vote for a socialist, a crook, a liar, a civil servant or cronyism (phony capitalism), I’m left with no one to vote for, so, I’ll be voting  against this phony so-called democracy, and all of them. My garbage can will be my voting box; and so, my voting card will be deposited there, after of course destroying it. Nowhere on my forehead does it read – damn fool lives over here!  I’ll keep my vote, you keep the change.

I can already see Fidel Castro congratulating whoever or whatever combination wins the election without my vote; “Congratulations chumps, you’re finally catching up”.

Peter Gunn









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