Opinion by Lloyd Beaton, One St. Maarten People Party: Blatant campaign violations

POSTED: 07/24/14 11:28 PM

Dear Editor,

It was with great astonishment that we read in Today on Friday, July 18, that the police visited all parties over campaign violations. In the same article this daily indicated that four political parties including the One St. Maarten People Party (OSSP) ignored the no-go zone for campaign material according to the political permit.

First of all let us make it abundantly clear that we have never been visited by our police department and neither have we violated none of the rules for at the time of writing this article we don’t have one poster or campaign material on any public roads. However, we have taken note of the many violations that have taken place thus far one area in particular is the Sucker Garden road on the opposite side of Flanders Bar where the side walk is covered with campaign material from two of the major parties. They have blatantly ignored the safety of our people by placing their campaign material on the side walk leaving our people no other choice but to walk on the main road.

Are these parties willing to accept full responsibility for any accidents that may occur due to their total lack of respect of the laws of the land? Aren’t these the same persons that are vying to be elected to Parliament, the house of the legislators? Our legislators make the laws and because they make them they feel that they have the legal rights to break them? What example are you showing our people by breaking the laws and ignoring all calls to adhere to the rules of engagement. We expect our police to act swift and without any type of tolerance for those that break the law, the same way it would act with those that caused all those robberies over the last couple of months.

The same political parties have complimented our police force for the work that they have done in apprehending some of the criminals, yet they behave as if they are untouchable. The minister of justice has indicated on numerous occasions that all the political parties must adhere to the rules of the campaign and he has pinpointed to them where they have already overstepped their boundaries. The OSPP is flabbergasted that to date the authority has not taken actions against those parties that are trampling the rules of the campaign.

Lloyd Beaton

One St. Maarten People Party

 Editor’s note:

Mr. Beaton is right: Though we understood that the police visited all parties, we have not seen any violations by the OSPP; we apologize for the mistake.

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Opinion by Lloyd Beaton, One St. Maarten People Party: Blatant campaign violations by

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