Opinion by Elton Jones: The farce of parity

POSTED: 03/12/15 12:51 PM

By now everybody the world over who wished to listen or pay attention to the accusations coming out of Holland would have heard how the people in the islands are not trustworthy or capable of deciding for them what’s good for them. A repetitive line is how politicians on St. Maarten are corrupt and the mafia or the underworld as they put it is buying governments. These irresponsible and unsubstantiated statements are a direct attack on our investment potential.

And if you follow the narrative you would think all is rosy in good old Holland. Just this week I followed a report where the Minister of Justice is alleged to have cut a deal with a notorious drug kingpin and according to the minister he can’t give information on the functioning of the prosecutor’s office. There is also an allegation of serious wrongdoing by our fork-tongued minister of Kingdom Affairs who has one tune when in Philipsburg that quickly changes when he is back in the confines of good old Holland.

Strangely, there is no claim of corruption and no call for their resignation. It should be an interesting event to know if these Dutch honorables can pass the screening they would have imposed on the colonies. They have made perfectly clear that we can’t be equals in their Kingdom and with happenings of this kind they are displaying it unequivocally.

Our people and their leaders will continue to be insulted and belittled by these seasoned European gangsters who can manipulate the law to suit their needs. I have read somewhere that they are vying for a seat on the UN Security Council and I believe it’s time we play these pseudo racists a ruse. People who refuse to grant their colonies the rights and freedoms they rightfully should already have should not be able to sit in judgment of others on the world stage.

Our parliament and government should now use all available contacts they have in Parlatino and with Caricom to deny this Zwarte Piet-pushing nation from ever getting a seat on the Security Council. People who openly show nothing but disrespect and disdain for different peoples and cultures should be isolated. There is work to be done. I hope the political landscape in Philipsburg shows some grit and takes on this task.

Elton Jones

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Opinion by Elton Jones: The farce of parity by

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